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Best 7 Rooting Apps for any Android Device 2018

Rooting is an exclusive option to use the phone by own desire. It gives the enormous opportunities to avail the core and hidden features though it breaches the security of the phone. Some best rooting apps also give back the security by unrooting the device. In addition to the other features, it gives the smartphone fast speed and longer battery life. You can control fully your phone by your own will because rooting allows you to install and run the apps from unknown sources which are not allowed in the unrooted phone. In this article, you are going to know about the best rooting apps for Android device.

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There are too many rooting apps on the website. Some are fake and some are real. Moreover, fake apps kill your valuable time and waste your phone. You can get any one from the best 7 rooting apps from the following:


Kingroot is the best and most popular rooting app for the Android device. You can use the app with a computer, the reason behind it is that Rooting with a computer is more reliable than use on the Android device. It also allows the user to unroot the phone. You can download the Kingroot APK latest and official version from our site.


Vroot is another gem for rooting the android device. Like Kingoroot, Vroot also has a higher success rate in rooting the smartphones. It is compatible with all the available versions of the Android operating systems like Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread or Froyo. You can download the latest version of the best rooting app from this website.

Root Genius

Root Genius is a Chinese app for rooting the Android devices developed by Shuame. The latest version of the app is 3.1.7 that has been released on May 20, 2017. You can run the app after downloading instead of installation because it requires no installation. The app has two versions, one is in English and another is in the Chinese language.


More than 150000 downloads of the app is a great positive side for the acceptability of SRS Root. The latest version of the app is 5.1 which got released on March 15, 2017. It comes with the unique feature called Smart root for one click root. The credit of developing the amazing software goes to Flecha Mobile, a Chinese Company.

Baidu Root

Baidu root APK is an exceptional gift for the Android users from the Chinese company Baidu Inc. It is considered as the best rooting app in China. The company has released two versions of the app for the different lingual users. Among them, the main version is in Chinese and the update version is in English. A matter of sorrow for the app is that it has no PC version or iOS version.

Z4 Root

The most promising root tool for your device is Z4 Root. It is one of the best cost-free rooting apps in the online. The latest version of the app is 1.3.0 and Sebastian Krahmer’s rage against the cage of Z4ziggy is the developer of the app. It never harms your device or breaches the security of the phone. As a result, you can get back the security by unrooting it again.

Universal AndRoot

Universal AndRoot is an APK format rooting app that requires internet connectivity to root the phone. It is one of the best rooting apps which is compatible with all the Android devices with different models. The latest version of the app is 2.3.6 that is very user-friendly with an easy user interface.

Rooting opens a new world of features on your smartphone. So that, you can have great privileges by rooting by sacrificing the warranty or guarantee provided by the manufacturing company. Remember in mind that using the UN-trusted root app can harm a lot to your phone. You can use any one of the best rooting apps from the above discussion.

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