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How to root any Android Smartphone without PC/ Computer

Many Android phone users want to know! how to root any Android Device without PC? There are some Android Application by which you can easily root your Android device without any computer. Besides, these methods are safe to do the root of the device. You can be a tablet user. So, in this article, the method of Android device root will work well for the Smartphone or tablets. You can get some methods of rooting Android device without PC. You need to do this carefully because a wrong step can make your phone dead.

Root in Android phone:

Rooting of your Android device means the unlocking of the operating system of your device by which you can install the apps, delete the bloatware, update the operating system, update the firmware, etc. by rooting your device, you can customize anything of your phone. Rooting makes your device fast and up-to-date. Besides, rooting allows you to overcome the limitation of your device. There are many methods of rooting the Android devices. Rooting can be done by computer or without a computer.

The method of rooting any Android Smartphone without PC:

Though you will find various methods of rooting your Android Smartphone, there is a general method of rooting your device without any PC.  Now I am going to discuss you how to root any Android Smartphone without PC.

How to Root any Android

  • To do the root, at first, download the Best Root Apps from our website. or install Popular rooting apps from Google play store

  • After downloading this, install the App.

  • If you see the pop-up saying you that the installation is blocked, then go to the setting.

  • Now tick the unknown sources.

  • You can easily install the APK.

  • Now open this APK and you will see the root button.

  • By click on this button, you can root the Android device with this APK without any computer.

You can Also Learn Rooting Guide from Appz Inventors.


Of course, rooting has some advantages. By rooting, you will get control over your Smartphone. You can also be able to customize the operating system of the Android device. The advantages are:

  • You visually change the themes, color, icons while booting your device.

  • You can get access all the files on your device and can delete or edit the system files.

  • You can increase the performance of your device by changing the frequency of the CPU. By doing this, your phone will have more speed without any difficulties.

  • The battery life of the phone can be also increased by the rooting of the device.

  • By rooting your device, you can customize the ROM to change the version.

  • You can also access some best apps because some apps need rooting the device.

Benefits of rooting without PC

You will get benefits by rooting your Android Smartphone without PC. It is a very safe process and it will also save your time. Some of the benefits are given bellow:

  • You need not any computer.

  • It is a safe and easy process.

  • There is a little chance to brick your phone.

  • There is no chance of losing the data.

Finally, I think you are able to know how to root any Android Smartphone without PC from this article. You can root your phone easily by using FramaRoot, Kingroot, Universal Android Root, iRoot, etc Applications. Thanks you…

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