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Root Explorer APK 4.1.6 Free Download Latest version for Android

Root Explorer Apk is a popular one because this app has various wonderful features that will help protect your smartphone. Especially for root users, it helps the most. It has the ability to root your device, accessibility to your memory, managing capability of files stored in it. The exclusive facility is the accessibility to the entire data folders from this app. Root applications are getting more popular day by day. For the increased use of Android Smartphone and tablets, the users need to keep the device clean and fast for smooth performance. This is done by many apps. Among those, Moreover, you can simply manage your memory and files from both phone memory and SD card. Besides, copy and paste function for your files is easy with this app.

Key Features of the Root Explorer Application:

Root Explorer has a control over the latest Android version, Marshmallow. This app is a root apk as well as a useful file manager. You can enter to your whole device system and control it smoothly without any complication. However, it makes your Android device faster and more arranged. It allows you to visit the files and folders you cannot normally even see or know that you have. So, a lot of users are relying on this amazing root app, Root Explorer APK.

root explorer apk free download

You will find many daily useful functions of the Root Explorer APK. These features make your phone a smooth runner and give you a wonderful experience. The key features of this app are as follows:

  1. Multiple tabs

Root Explorer is the most renowned apps that have the ability to unlock multiple tabs at a time. So, you can easily open multiple tabs as you can do in the browsers. It is a very useful option and very easy to use anytime.

  1. Online support

Root Explorer has a support ability of Google Drive, Dropbox, and network. It smoothly supports them online storages. So, anyone can synchronize your files directly here. Nothing will interrupt you.

  1. SQLite database viewer

Root Explorer allows you to view the SQL database. Normally you cannot access to this option. In order to access this option, you can use this app.

  1. Text Editor

Anyone can edit the files in the basic text with the help of this app. You can also add or remove files according to your desire. It is an extremely easy system to use. You are able to use this feature in the majority cases. But, occasionally this might not work. You can try another process then.

  1. Multi-select

You can select too many files or folders at a time. Change, copy and save options are also available in this app.

  1. Execute scripts

There are some scripts on your Android device. You can run or execute these scripts by Root Explorer APK.

  1. Search, remount and sight permissions

The user can search for a definite file according to its name through this app. You can see the authorizations permitted to the APK. Then you can change them according to your need.


Anyone can bookmark definite folders and will get instant access after that time he opens the App. These bookmarks help you remember and save your favorite or needed pages on internet. It saves your time to search again.

  1. Send files

You have the ability to send files via email through this App. It allows you to share anything anywhere.

  1. Image thumbnails

You can create image thumbnails and reuse them in this Root Explorer.

  1. APK XML viewer

You are able to view the XML file of the App file in this app. You can also edit them if you want. But you should be careful that you might damage the APK or the game.

  1. Create symbolic link

You can create a symbolic link to your selected files or folders in order to easily find them separately.

  1. “Open With” facility

A special function of this App is the ‘Open With’ ability. You can open a file, image or video selecting an app. This is only seen in media files openers in PCs but this app gives you that opportunity in smartphones.

  1. Create shortcuts

You can create shortcuts of any files by this app.

  1. Media files

With the help of this app, you can play your media files through any player. Media files can also be controlled by this app.

Hacking Option for Games

Root Explorer is one of the most used apps for hacking games. You can also modify the gaming applications. Its demand is increasing daily among game lovers. The hacking process of games APK is given below:

  • First, go to the data folder and move to the next data folder.
  • Then, select the folder of the game that you want to hack. Next, go to the shared preferences.
  • Now, go to the ‘game-name.xml’ file. Select the ‘game-name=name’ of the game you want to hack instantly.
  • After that, edit the code wherever you want. Now modify the value to your desired value of the selected game.
  • Finally, click on the save button to complete.

You are done with the hacking process. You can now enjoy the game in your desired way.

Install from Google Play Store

Installation process of Root Explorer APK

It is very easy to install the Root Explorer App. You need to go to a reliable website or the official website of Root Explorer App. Then download this App. After downloading this App, click the “Install” option to install this App. If you click it, the installation will begin. When the installation will complete, you will see “Installation completed” option.

Rooting is a regular task among the smartphone users now. For this, you need a reliable app. Besides, you need a root file manager also. Fulfilling all your needs, Root Explorer APK is a complete package. You can manage much more of your smart device with the help of this app. Millions of users are having these facilities. So, enjoy an overwhelming root device management by Root Explorer Application.

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