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Titanium Backup Root 8.0.2 Download, How to Backup & Pro Features

Titanium Backup is the backup software to do the backup of your Android device. Today we are in a world of hi tech. Android phones and tablets are playing a leading role in this sphere. As the use of android is huge, so is its maintenance. Sometimes, we face some problems using these. Then we need to root the device. For doing this, there are many apps available in app store. But a renowned app is Titanium Backup in the ocean of apps. You can Google the top rated root apps. There you will find Titanium Backup APK in almost all ranks and this app is developed by Titanium Track. The basic version of Titanium Backup is free in Google Play Store. However, I am describing the very desired root app for Android phones and tablets, Titanium Backup Application. It has made its own place with a reputation in the marketplace.

Features of Titanium Backup and how to do the backup with it:

Titanium Backup Root Application has a number of useful features. All those are cool and take a better care of your android phone. The main features of Titanium Backup are given below:

titanium backup root

  • This amazing app can back up and restore any app. It can also access the settings and create a backup of it. It has the power to do so including protected and system apps. Normally those apps are not reachable.
  • Titanium Backup can restore the connection between apps and the Google Play Store. That means those apps will update automatically. This update will even continue after being transferred.
  • It has the ability to background batch backup. It has also advanced batch restore system of its own.
  • This app has the power of automatic batch backup. It even lets you setup a schedule for backup as you wish.
  • You can move apps to SD card from device. You can also move apps from the SD card to phone. Your user data of those apps will remain unchanged. So, this is a vast facility without the tension of losing data.
  • You can manage desktop widgets from this app. This is an additional feature.
  • It has an app uninstaller of its own. The App is especially good at removing carrier-installed bloatware. It can also remove manufacturer-installed bloatware.

Features of Titanium Pro Version:

There are some specified features in the pro version of Titanium Backup app. Those are as follows:

  • Titanium Backup Pro version can create multiple backups per app.
  • It can encrypt all backup data.
  • This app can add multi-user support for different apps. All those include widgets. You can press to those widgets and instantly switch user profiles.
  • You can migrate SMS data, MMS data, and other system data to ROM. It is a very powerful access ability of this app.
  • You can migrate and back up paid apps.It is really something difficult that normally can’t be done without using the Google Play Store.
  • You can back up all Android data to Dropbox. That means you can also restore those directly from Dropbox. There is also good news that Titanium Backup now supports Google Drive and Box.
  • The app can freeze background apps. This facility prevents those apps from running in the background. It will save device charge to a large extent.
  • It can also protect apps from deleting automatically or accidentally.

Other important features

Now I am giving you a brief description of the major features of this magnificent app.

Data Profiles

Titanium Backup is known for its little-complicated interface or prettiness. Besides, you need to root your device first before using this app. On the first page, there is an option for Data Profiles. This app has its own storage system of memory. You can use it in the paid version of Titanium Backup. You can assign each Profile in its own unique memory within the app. It is a feature that one can never really consider before normally. With Data Profiles, you can store multiple things. Also, you could have a separate Profile for your browser. There you can keep everyday browsing separated from another browsing. This is really a helpful one.

Freeze Apps

There are some irritating aspects of Android. Among them, one is the constant presence of un-deletable bloatware apps. If you’re rooted and can actually delete them, you should not do so. Certain bloatware apps work like an integral part of your Android ROM.Titanium Backup provides a nice alternative here (of course paid). It is “Freezing”.Just tap on an app from the list and click on the “freeze” option. The app will be on your phone and possess memory. But now it is separated from executing any action. If you are disturbed by stock apps, this is your best trick for sure.

Batch Processing

Batch processing means handling apps in an easy and comfortable way. You can backup and restore apps, wipe your device data, move or uninstall any app as a batch operation. However, the pro version has cool stuff. Just shell out and you can verify your backups. You can also batch Freeze or Defrost apps. Batch processing is a very nice function because you can set apps to run and leave your phone to do its thing for a while.

Titanium Backup APK Download Information:

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How to Backup and Restore?

The most important feature of Titanium Backup is its ability to back up your apps. At this task, it excels other apps. For doing this, simply make a list of apps and tap those you want to save. Titanium Backup will create a backup on your SD card. You can transfer it to a PC to save space.If there are too many apps installed on our device, you can use the filter to shorten the list. Titanium Backup also lets you schedule periodic app backups. With the free version of this app, you can set your apps to automatically back themselves up again. Thus you can save memory and power. Similarly, Restoring from backup is just a 1-click process. Select those apps that you want to restore and select ‘Restore’ from the menu.

Titanium Backup is equipped with some wonderful features that will make your android a better one. You can enjoy an extended power by this app. So, enjoy better facilities being relaxed.

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